Cow of the Day


Cows of the day!

Even though there was lots of work to be done, it was so beautiful on Monday that I didn't want to waste the opportunity to gather more photos.  I use them often as reference materials for future artwork, as well as potential blog shots.  Even though most of the leaves have long since deserted the trees, there were enough left to add a little autumn color and combined with the gorgeous blue sky they made a lovely backdrop.

Most of the cows were lolling about the barnyard eating hay, having gotten a little too lazy to actually wander out into the pasture where grass has become a little less abundant.  But, since it was warm and pleasant, I decided that at least a little exercise would be in their best interest, plus it was a much more scenic atmosphere for a photo op.  So, with a little prodding they grudgingly wandered out to the pasture where I pleaded with them to pose every now and then so I could get a few shots.  Very few of them gave in to my begging, but these three complied, I think more out of pity than cooperativeness, so I decided to honor them by naming them all "Cow(s) of the Day!"

On the left we have Ainsley.  Though her full name is Otter Morr Dakota Ainsley, for reasons that I cannot explain whenever I interact with her I call her Ainsley Butterworth, in as close to a Katherine Hepburn voice as I can get, pronouncing Butterworth as Buttuh wuth.  I don't know why I have chosen to give her a last name, as none of the others have one or, even more puzzlingly, why it should be pronounced thusly, but there you have it.  Perhaps it's because she always behaves in a very businesslike manner, always on her way somewhere with something important to do.  In fact, Ainsley may look familiar, as she is the star of August's "Ainsley Freshens" post, and the video clip of her mooing to her new calf attests to her businesslike nature!  Ainsley is 5 years old and a very good milker, very patient and calm.

In the middle is Neysa and on the right is Sonya. Both 3 years old, Neysa and Sonya can often be found hanging out together.  In fact, except for Neysa's darker face and legs, they look very much alike and have almost identical demeanors. They too are calm and quiet, but since this is their first lactation they are not the best of milkers.  This is normal though, and as they get older they should milk better with each lactation.

Jackee is a very pleasant girl and is always in a good mood.  She is one of our most unique cows, not only because of her white spots but because of her burning desire to mother anyone she crosses paths with.  Whenever any of the other cows freshens, if Jackee is anywhere in the vicinity she will charge on over and claim the calf for her own, licking it off before its mother even has a chance.  If there is no calf available, Jackee will lick the face of any cow that will let her.  She is also a little nosy, as you can see, and must know what's going on at all times.  She is one of our best milkers and never kicks off the machine, and hardly ever swats us in the face with her tail!  


Cow of the Day - Janet!

This is Janet, our Cow of the Day.  Janet, or Otter Morr Magna Janet as she is known to the American Jersey Cattle Association, is 2 years old but has the mien of a much older lady. She likes to meander along at her own pace and disdains being rushed.  In fact, anyone not acquainted with her sweet disposition might be tempted to call her "lazy"!  Heavens no, she is not lazy!  She merely likes to take in her surroundings at great length. After all, one never knows where one might find a tasty morsel to eat!  And Janet does like to eat!  She is a good milker and very calm and never confrontational.  Whether we are bringing the cows into the barn for milking, or turning them out afterwards, if there is anyone lagging behind, you can be sure it is Janet.

This is Melody.  She is the only Brown Swiss we are currently milking.  The 3 others are due to freshen
next spring.  She is very large and very calm and very slow, except when it comes to eating grain.
If she is not first in line to enter the holding area where the grain is fed, then heaven help the
poor soul who stands in her way!  

This is Melody's calf, Liesel.

Liesel likes to dance and play.  She is very beautiful and very friendly.

This is Alpine.  At 7 years old, she is the oldest cow in our herd.  Alpine is a very distinguished, matronly lady who never complains.  She is friendly and polite and never bossy but gets a little impatient when she smells the pre-milking scoop of grain being doled out and she is not in the queue.  She is due to freshen in November so we will dry her off in September, giving her about 60 days of rest in between lactations.  As you can see, she is very photogenic.

This is Heather.

Although we love all of our cows, Heather is our favorite. She is a very funny
girl, and a very messy eater.  After she finishes her grain, she makes
hilarious faces, trying to extricate the particles from her teeth with
her tongue.  She has a very pointy head and a crooked nose, which makes her look
tres exotique. 

 She is one of the most alert cows and looks right into 
your eyes when you talk to her; she notices everything!  If there is
anything different when she enters the milking parlor,
even a broom in the wrong place, she will not enter until she 
is sure it is OK.  She is also the kindest and most gentle cow
we've ever known.  And, she is one of our top milkers.  

Originally from a small
farm in Connecticut, Heather and her co-worker Lauren, arrived at Wayward Goose Farm
in late May and have been wonderful additions to our family. 

Jill, giving Heather a well deserved scratch on the knob.